Economic Consultation

Are doing feasibility studies of integrated financial, technical, administrative and marketing and development with the presentation of a detailed production lines in industrial projects and to clarify for all accounting standards for all studies of cash flow and sensitivity analysis profitability to ensure the availability of all the conditions for funding feasibility studies and most of the feasibility studies have been of work for the Saudi market and funding of saving and Credit Bank Saudi Centennial Fund and other funding agencies as well are doing feasibility studies for any other countries, especially the Arab Gulf states

Legal Consultants

The lawyers and consultants laws offer customers a high level in all types of contracts and agreements in all areas of law including but not limited to: contracts for the establishment of companies - contracts for the transfer of technology - commercial agency and distribution agreements - Agreements franchise - leasing - contracts for the sale and purchase - bank loans - and bonds -the construction contracts - contracts, licensing agreements and investment agreements and other trade agreements. Depending on the lawyers with good training and high efficiency;, the Office can represent all clients to register and drafting all contracts and agreements referred to above in front of all government agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Accounting Services

Accounting work for companies and business budgets and financial statements

Financial Services

The company's financial funding is one of the most important elements of success of the enterprise. Where that success is based on financial funding in the form of loans, which the company may reap the profit of the bumper. And, of course, and by virtue of our operation and we are doing scientific study of financial Ntanasb credit with the bank's requirements, whether locally or internationally to complete the funding process, the best way both in the repayment period of the loan or the bank's commission, and present it to the relevant financing

Financial solutions for companies

Services company Integrated Business Solutions offers advice on choosing the most appropriate form to provide appropriate structure. And the capital market and evaluation

Mergers and acquisitions

Became a mergers and acquisitions are necessary for the growth of companies and achieve profitability. These operations are a solution for a wide range of topics such as basic company's need for growth through Alastjuaz to other works and the provision of liquidity and investment strategies out of the business for shareholders and internal restructuring

Business Consulting

Business Consulting Services represent the most important financial advisory services offered by services and integrated business solutions. The many cases the basic stage for financial advisory services. Business Consulting aims mainly to help customers make the right decisions related to project activities facilitation

Debt Advisory

Company provides services and integrated business solutions, full range of debt-related the Advisory services to help customers determine the appropriate structure for capital. The dynamic nature of the company's growth and funding requirements make continuous assessment of its own sons, religion is necessary

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