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Studies and Market Research

The company, to prepare studies and marketing research and marketing plans, whether partial or integrated, specific objectives and began drawing strategies and propose policies, then put the operational programs and evaluate their results. Which is based on in-depth studies to measure the size of the markets for goods and services and touch the power to grow out and obstacles facing its facilities, in order to develop the energies and the marketing possibilities. The center also test and evaluate and study the behavior of consumers from several aspects, such as the characterization of slides consumer preferences, consumer taste and purchase motivations and buying habits, price elasticity and test prices and competitors .. And others, and is the center of many research and marketing studies, such as:


·         Studies of consumer behavior analysis and benefit analysis and measurement.

·         Studies based product development in the light of the results of market surveys.

·         Develop marketing strategies, pricing policies for geographic areas and different cities, and make the expectations of buyers and intermediaries, and analyzing competitors' prices, and market penetration policies.

·         Estimate the project's share of the market kidneys and predict the future.

·         Preparation of diagnostic studies and studies to identify marketing opportunities, including:

·         Market analysis and hashed, and consumer markets and wholesalers and retailers.

·         Quantitative analysis of the current and target segments anticipated.

·         Mechanisms and means of analysis of competition in the market.

·         Analysis of purchasing behavior, and motivations of purchase.

·         Market segmentation and identify the target market sectors

·         Determine the size of the demand in the market

·         Determine the size displayed and Aorta  of the market

·         Exports study

·         Resources used.

·         Policy objectives and commissions.

·         Pricing and marketing policies and incentives.

·         Publicity and promotion policy.

·         Customer Service Policy.

·         Distribution plan.

Measurement systems and performance evaluation