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Industrial and administrative solutions

Where the company is essentially a total industrial and management consultancy. Therefore, industrial projects and management solutions account for the largest part of our business, especially in the work of feasibility studies and business development.


·         Financial statements.

·         Discounted cash flows.

·         Analysis tie.

·         Economic value added.

·         Sensitivity analysis.

·         The overall economy.

·         Quotations production lines.

·         Technical reports.

·         Quotations and tenders for construction work and civil negligence.

·         Offers raw material prices.

·         Exports study.

·         Field survey of the markets.

·         Analysis and study competitors.

·         Marketing strategies.

·         Plans for the recruitment and selection of presidents and work teams.

·         Use by external sources with leading expertise in various fields.

·         Total Quality Management.

·         Organizational Structure Engineering.

·         Consolidated reporting system.

·         Solutions and effective systems of supervision and control.

·         Fiscal and financial plans.

·         Measurement systems and performance evaluation.