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Financing and Financial Studies

The company is the analysis of monetary and financial projects through advanced programs include this kind of analysis qualities of the following studies:

·         Analysis of operating costs for the projects to identify the most important cost centers and their relationship to each of the cost of the investment and revenue, and assess the appropriate size for working capital needed to reach the optimum production capacity at the best operating levels.

·         Preparation of studies to support management decisions fixed and current assets and spin rates.

·         Study of best practices to finance current assets and create a balance between profitability and potential risks.

·         The granting of credit studies and complete data and analysis required for its requirements.

·         Preparation of studies measuring investment risk and assess deviations in the expected return on investment.

·         Investment planning, and diversification of investment portfolios, and evaluating projects, and cost-benefit analysis to conduct a set of analytical methods for selecting the alternative that achieves the highest return at the lowest risk rate