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Kingdom established a specialized credit institutions to provide long-term loans to the vital sectors of the economy, such as industry, agriculture and real estate, in addition to supporting crafts and small enterprises.


Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SADF)


Fund provides soft loans, medium-and long-term industrial projects in addition to providing marketing consulting, technical and financial Per IFAD-funded projects to improve her chances of success.

With the issuance of the new law for foreign investment will expand the Fund's lending department to include projects wholly owned by foreigners


Public Investment Fund:


The fund provides loans of medium and long-term large industrial projects, whether belonging to the government or private institutions, which banks can not lend.


Real Estate Development Fund:


The fund provides loans of medium and long term for individuals and institutions to finance housing projects eligibility or used for commercial purposes.


Saudi Arabian Agricultural Bank:


Provides loans and credit facilities to individual farmers and agricultural projects.

Saudi commercial banks:


The Saudi commercial banks offer also different types of loans to investors.


·                                        Arab National Bank

·                                        Bank Al Jazira

·                                        Bank Al Rajhi Banking

·                                        Bank Al Bilad

·                                        The National Commercial Bank

·                                        Riyad Bank



·                                        Samba

·                                        The Saudi British Bank

·                                        BSF

·                                        SHB

·                                        The Saudi Investment Bank

·                                        Development Bank

·                                        Licensed branches of foreign banks


Programs of regional and international funding:


Investors can benefit from the programs of regional and international credit, which the Kingdom is a member of the shareholder.


Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD):


Contribute to the Fund in the financing of projects of economic and social development in the Arab countries, and encourage the investment of private and public funds in the Arab commercial projects.


Arab Monetary Fund (IMF):


The fund - among other things - to advise with respect to investment of the financial resources of the Member States in foreign markets fund, the Fund also encourages the development of Arab financial markets, and encourage intra-regional trade of Member States in the fund.


Arab Trade Financing Program:


The program gives loans to medium and long term for individuals and institutions to finance trade deals and the private sector.


Arab Institution for Investment Guarantee:


Foundation provides insurance coverage for investments and export credits among Arab countries against non-commercial risks for Arab investments, and against non-commercial risks and commercial credits Arab exports, so as to enhance the flow of investments among Arab countries through the awareness of potential investors for investment, and providing support to businesses, and the development of capital human capital


Islamic Development Bank:


Contributes to the bank's equity capital and grant loans for projects productivity and companies, besides providing financial assistance in other forms for economic and social development and accepts deposits to mobilize financial resources in accordance with the provisions of Islamic law, and also helps to promote foreign trade, especially in capital goods.